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The Charter Advisory Board is responsible for helping EPAA to maintain alignment to its charter. It is organized for the purpose of providing recommendations to the chartering district about policies and practices shaping the operation of the school in matters of school structuring and scheduling, hiring administrators, staffing levels, professional development, curriculum, assessments, instructional strategies, research and development activities, student support services, and budget development.
EPAA Charter Advisory Board Members:
Allison Mok
Amanda Kemp
Amika Guillaume
Ana Maria Pulido/Mary Streshly
Bryan Anthony Brown Ph.D"
Cindy Chin
David Brazer
Derek Ang
Elisabeth Landa
Esmeralda Ortiz
Joanna Bradshaw
Lauren Koenig
Leonarda Corado
Marlene Landiz
Michelle Goudeaux
Mindy Rogers
Olga Gutierrez (formerly Perez)
Peter Fortenbaugh
Shashank Joshi