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Vision & Mission
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EPAA School Counseling Program Vision
Students will be empowered to use acquired knowledge and skills to pursue a post-secondary option of their choosing that aligns with their passion to positively impact their own lives, community and the global society.

EPAA School Counseling Program Mission

The EPAA school counseling program will prepare and equip every student with the necessary tools to perform their best academically, choose a post-secondary option for a prosperous future, and develop a healthy social and emotional mindset. We will do this in collaboration with our Advisory program, community partners, and Mental Health team.

Welcome, EPAA Community!
Meet the Counseling Department 
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The East Palo Alto Academy Counseling Department encompasses the three domains per the American School Counseling Association which are:
  1. Academic
  2. Personal/Social
  3. College & Career
Our goal is to carry EPAA’s mission for all students to graduate college-ready. We work closely with EPAA’s Advisory program to ensure that all students receive the academic monitoring, social-emotional learning, and college/career readiness in all grade levels. 
As a department, we utilize data to drive our work and provide students with the support they may need inside and outside of the classroom.  Our school has adopted a Multi-Tiered, Multi-Domain System of Support (MTMDSS) which ensures that students are receiving interventions based on their needs.    Our MTMDSS team is comprised of our Principal, Vice Principal, School Counselors, Manager of Social Services, College Information Specialist, and a Stanford psychologist.
Our Mental Health program is offered through our partnership with Stanford University, which provides individual and group counseling to all students during the school day. 
Our College and Career Center is located inside EPAA's library and is open to students for information related to 4-year colleges, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, financial aid, and other post-secondary options. 
Your first point of contact for student support is your student's School Counselor. The School Counselors are here to support you throughout your high school career and ensure that all students receive the resources and services they need to succeed in school.