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East Palo Alto Academy understands that caring and informed parents make our work possible.  With the support of our Parent Liaison, and our school Social Worker, we provide these opportunities to get involved:
  • Cafecito - Monthly meetings to share ideas.
  • PGTA Meetings - Parent/Guardian Teacher Association Meetings
If you would like to inquire further about opportunities for parent involvement, please contact: 
Marco Calderon, Director of Student
Martha Perez, Parent Liaison:
Anne Raeff, English Language Learner Advisory Committee Coordinator:
  • Meetings – monthly parent meetings (formal and informal) provide opportunities for raising ideas for school improvement.
  • Student-led conferences - parents, students, and teachers meet at least twice a year to plan and assess the students’ learning progress and determine goals.
  • Exhibition panels – parents, volunteers and community leaders may sit on exhibition panels to judge student work.
  • Parent workshops – workshops on issues of interest to families, and meetings with local organizations and government agencies have been organized in response to identified needs.
  • School and staff surveys – parents fill out a survey each year identifying school strengths and weaknesses.
  • Volunteer opportunities – parents and community members have the opportunity to assist in classrooms, lead extra-curricular activities, assist in event planning, attend field trips (including college visits), and serve on parent committees.
  • Fundraising – parents and community members work with the school to raise additional resources to support students and the school program.
  • Advocacy – parents and community members communicate the school design and outcomes to the public, educators, and policy makers and advocate for necessary policies and resources.